• Capitol Bicycle Company

    Experience the Advantage of Custom
    We Love Bicycles. Nothing more, nothing less. We just love ‘em.
    That is why your bespoke bicycle frame from Capitol Bicycles is made exactly for you. Not your neighbor, not your best friend, just for you. Your frame is hand crafted to your exact body measurements and is designed to your requirements. Exactly what you want is what you get. What’s more, we build it for you, with love and care, right here in the good old U S of A.

  • Flywheel Brewing

    Our Brand: Homage To Fundamentals
    The momentum of a spinning wheel powered the progress of man. From printing presses to the mechanics of manufacturing, the Flywheel fostered our intellect and enabled our industry. We honor that simple machine and that simpler time, by bringing brewing back to the heartland. The momentum of change favors local craft beers and we are redeveloping beers and a responsible beer culture that has long been absent from Elizabethtown. Let The Wheel Turn!

    We believe in the power of a good beer to break down social barriers, and that a community needs a relaxing space where neighbors can gather to form bonds and lasting friendships. In an atmosphere choked with cookie-cutter corporate chains, we celebrate our identity as a breath of fresh air and strive to bring Elizabethtown its own unique beers, helping it to cultivate its own local beer culture.

  • Swope Family of Dealerships

    Bill and Sam Swope opened the first Swope dealership here in Elizabethtown in 1952.

    They established the Swope legacy on the belief that success would come when they guaranteed low prices and total satisfaction to their customers and meaningful support to their community.

    The Swope Family of Dealerships is located on Dixie Highway in Elizabethtown & Radcliff. These dealerships have provided new and quality used trucks, cars, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to Central Kentucky and the greater Louisville area for more than 65 years. Most of the dealerships are side-by-side on a one-mile stretch of Dixie Highway that Sam Swope coined the "Miracle Mile" in the mid-1960s.