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Our passion

At Team App we are passionate about supporting local community sporting clubs, and we are thrilled to bring this exciting new product to your local team.

We understand that running a sporting club is like running a business, so have developed a product that will help your club become significantly more successful off-field, enabling you to focus on what’s most important – on-field success!

What is Team App?

Team App is a platform that allows teams and social groups to improve communication by creating their very own smartphone App.

With Team App, creating your own free customizable smartphone app is quick and easy with a huge range of features to choose from. Plus creating your Team App also creates a website that updates in real time with your App!
Utilising the latest smartphone technology, Team App has addressed two main concerns with running a sports club.

  • Managing the flow of information.
  • Creating commercial opportunities.

Team App was developed via extensive market research gained from club presidents, coaches, players, supporters, parents and successful business people, all of whom have critical input in running a successful sporting club.

Why use Team App?

If your club can benefit from improved communication, greater commercial opportunities, improved cash-flow and better attended social functions then Team App is for you.

Team App realises that sporting clubs are an evolving landscape, so we will provide innovative new features for clubs and teams at all levels.

We hope you enjoy Team App – we will ensure you won’t get left behind.

Team App. Your Team. Your App.