Team App Admin Features

Manage Your Member List

App administrators can view the teams member list from inside the app. Members can choose to enter optional phone number, address and emergency contact details to allow admins quick and easy access to important information.

This information being easily accessible to administrators makes it easy to call members, send email and text messages from the one handy location. Administrators can also approve or deny access requests direct from their smartphone or via the website dashboard.

You can track your players training, game or event attendance directly from your team app also generate attendance reports from the dashboard.

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Simplify Your Clubs Communications

Send news articles direct to the smartphone through push notifications. Instantly connect with members, players and key stakeholders. View and manage player availabilities. Promote your events and club functions and get instant attendance notifications.

Team App offers a new level of professionalism to engage players, supporters, sponsors and key stakeholders. Bring your club into the modern age with Team App.

Raise Funds & Add Value For Sponsors

Your Team App has many great ways to offer additional value to existing sponsors and to help you attract new ones.

Thanks to mobile communication, Team App puts your club and its news, events, photos and chat in the palm of your member's hands.

This daily flow of information provides the opportunity for your sponsors to get a genuine return on their investment so generous support from sponsors no longer have to be seen as 'just a donation'.

Team App is highly customizable. Click here for a few suggestions to offer your sponsors genuine value for money.