Information for Youth Clubs

Team App provides the perfect solution for managing a junior or youth club, as it can be set-up with multiple access groups to make it easy to communicate to parents or children in various ages and grade levels.

In a youth club it will usually be the parents needing to get the information, and often there will be multiple siblings they need to be kept informed about. Admins can set up various access groups such as: “Under 8’s”, “Under 10’s”, “Under 12’s”, “Under 14’s”, “Coaches” etc. A parent can be a member of one or multiple groups so, for example, they can receive all the information about the under 8’s as well as the under 10’s.

Team App also has an ‘availabilities’ button that can be switched on for your App. Within that button parents can enter their child’s name and future dates that they may (or may not) be available to play. This is a great way for coaches to know in advance when someone is away on holidays, or unavailable for selection due to injury.

Many older kids will have their own smartphone or iPad which means they can join Team App with their own account. So in the older age groups you may want to create 2 separate groups such as; “Under 16 players” and “Under 16 parents”. That way you can seperate out your communication between players and parents.
With Team App you can create as many access groups as you wish, and people can exist in multiple groups.
Access groups are how you can segment your members to make communication easy and relevant to the right people.
This is a great way to ensure that parents are getting information relating to their children, and not information for age groups and grade levels they are not associated with.

Team App also has an ’Attendance Tracker" feature which is a great way to track a players attendance at trainings and events. If a coach or team manager wants to use the attendance tracker feature of Team App, any full administrator can enter a player into the members list without an email address so they can appear in your attendance tracker. This is especially useful for youth clubs where younger players may not have their own email address to create a team app account.

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