Reopening Guidelines

26 May by Gideon

Team Gladiador – Reopening Guidelines

We will reopen with restrictions on June 1st. We will not be able to run the normal class schedule until Phase 4 is in effect.

With that, during the month of June, we will continue our normal Zoom class schedule for those of you that are not yet comfortable with arrangements, and also for those of you that have scheduling difficulties.

The academy will be open by appointment only.
We will start taking reservations/appointments Thursday, May 28 at 10 am.
Make advanced reservation by email (
Phone or Text (630-258-8423) (not Professors or Coach Amanda’s personal phone)
Do not come to the academy unless your reservations are confirmed by us.

New hours of operations are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Morning Availability 10 am & 11:30 am
Evening Availability 5 pm & 6:30 pm
Saturday 10 am & 11:30 am

We can only reserve a very limited amount of spots. We can only allow a certain amount of people in each area.
So please arrive on time and leave promptly.
Doors will only open 2 minutes prior to opening time and be locked 5 minutes after designated opening time.
We need ample time to clean and sanitize in between workout sessions.
Any cancellations MUST be 24 hrs before your allotted time.
You also MUST WEAR YOUR MASK upon entering the academy, and throughout the academy. Except when you are working out in your designated area.

The weight room, Kickboxing mats, Turf, and Jiu Jitsu mats are all open with limited spaces and times available.
All sections will have pre-established workouts and solo drills for you to utilize if you choose.
There can be NO CONTACT workouts such as: Any partner drills or Sparring stand up or ground this has been mandated by states rules and must be adhered to (link below)

Coaches will remain 6 ft social distance, but will be available to answer questions.
Professor Gideon and coaches are unable to take any private lessons during this time.

No children under 13 can workout on their own. They must be accompanied the entire time by a parent at their reserved time.

Please come prepared for training.
There will be NO access to changing rooms.
There will be NO waiting area. Anyone not working out will be asked to wait in their car.

We ask that everyone USE hand sanitizing stations upon entering and leaving workout areas.

You can check out for more statewide information regarding guidelines and rules for gym protocol to abide by.

We hope these instructions are clear and any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We also hope that everyone understands that we are implementing these rules for everyone’s health, safety, and longevity. We all want to get back to training without restrictions and the risk of any illness as soon as possible.
These are only temporary measures to get us there safely.

Lets get through this together!
Fight To Win!

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