Guess what’s back?!

21 Dec 2019 by John and Lauren Busch

If this doesn’t make you jump out your bed with excitement to start this beautiful Saturday morning I don’t know what else will! 

Cleanse & Restore Kit is officially available for purchase starting today at 11am MST. We know that everyone is excited to get this kit before the new year but this required a dedicated effort from a lot of people so a big shout out to all those that made this possible and big shout out to you leaders for your patience with us.

We do want to point out a few key things with this kit. This kit is no longer classified as an enrollment kit, however, in order to avoid wasting a large amount of the previous packaging, we plan to use up the remaining boxes we have, which do indicate “enrollment kit” on the packaging. After we have exhausted the “enrollment packaging” boxes, the kit will be available as a kit-on-the-fly, meaning it will not come in a box. 

Thanks again for your patience and here’s a high ✋🏽 for being able to get our Cleanse & Restore Kit before 2020
SKU: 60206864
Price: $245 
PV: 175

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